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IPC's approach focuses on improving a firm's competitiveness by conjoining innovative thinking with long-established, proven methodologies that are based on the influence and guidance of W. Edward Deming and Peter Drucker. Emphasis is placed on effective implementation of fundamental concepts of proven management techniques versus short-lived fads that promise unreasonable results. These fundamentals include a sound mission statement, a thorough understanding of customer needs and the market, a system to take variability out of all business and manufacturing processes, monitoring and benchmark systems, performance measurement of key input resources, participatory management and rewards, and demonstrated leadership skills by management. IPC believes that simplified methods often result in greater profit since successful organizations are historically managed by smart people who use straightforward processes.

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Cultivate "Knowledge Workers"
The IPC works hard to foster development of top notch talent in the food processing industry. That is one of our core missions, and we’re sticking by it!

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