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IPC's services include:

1. Seminars and outreach awareness efforts to the Industry are designed to highlight the urgency of ambitious action, describe visionary directions and proven techniques for significant performance gains, to seek widespread commitment, and resolve to rethink, revitalize, reengineer, and continually innovate industry practices.

2. High Performance Audits are aimed at exploring an organization’s strengths and high-value opportunities. This includes examining systems for Strategy and Planning, Performance Measurement, HR Practices, Staff / Supervisor / Manager Development, Quality Assurance Systems, Customer Service and Commitment, Problem Solving.

3. Performance Measurement is targeted at multi-factor metrics that direct organizational resources toward optimal targets – with direction and feedback shared with all employees – to inform and engage the entire workforce in service to the company’s performance mission.

4. Productivity and Innovation Assessments and Surveys help characterize an organization’s innovation culture and capabilities while establishing fresh ideas for sustainable practices, process and product improvements, and new product concepts from all employees.


5. Leadership Training and Development focuses on ambitious and continuous learning resources for leads, supervisors, and managers. Such training includes up to 100 hours of classroom training topics in:

  • Competency focus on Innovation and Productivity with a relentless discovery and improvement mind-set, staying ever mindful of the continuing need to point and motivate industry leadership toward future challenges.
  • Applicability of competencies to multiple purposes such as recruiting, hiring and promotional decisions, performance reviews, employee training, succession planning, and compensation strategies.
  • Links to public and private-provider educators to help target their curriculum to emerging industry needs.

6. Innovation Infrastructure is Focused on:

  • Re-engineering the manner in which manufacturing work is accomplished.
  • Facilitating the development of new products or services with commercial or social value.

Innovation efforts will include basic and applied research, experimental strategy, visioning and innovation training, curiosity communications, creative alliances to sustain and engage.

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Some of the most popular featured tools and resources to help you get the most out of your business...

Cultivate "Knowledge Workers"
The IPC works hard to foster development of top notch talent in the food processing industry. That is one of our core missions, and we’re sticking by it!

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