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Rick Fisch, graduated from the University of Washington in 1973 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Work experience includes Corporate Engineer for Nalley’s Fine Foods and Vice President Manufacturing Food Group of the J.R. Simplot Company. Rick took an active role in promoting the Industrial Efficiency Alliance through NWFPA and helped conceive the Northwest Food Processors Innovation and Productivity Center concept.

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Jim Azumano brings more than 25 years of diverse leadership roles in public and community service as well as the food industry. For the past four years, Jim held a cabinet position as Governor Kulongoski’s Director of Office of Rural Policy for the State of Oregon. In this capacity, Jim was involved with issues relating to small business, economic development, water, housing, natural resource jobs, grant administration, transportation, workforce development, and education. Previously, he was a public administrator and managed more than 200 employees in Lane, Hood River, and Clatsop Counties, Oregon and the City of Hailey, Idaho. From 1984 – 1992, Jim was President of K-Pac International, a food export business, which was the first US exporter of American and Oregon turkey into South Korea and the first to open TacoTime Int'l (Oregon) fast food franchise stores (21) in Japan. Jim has a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Oregon. He and his wife, Lois, live in Salem and have three children and nine grandchildren.


Dave Klick, Marketing & Workforce Advisor. Worked for Northwest Food Processors Association for 35 years. As Executive Vice President, Dave held a wide range of responsibilities, including industry focal point for productivity, human resources, workforce development and employee safety.


Glenn Felix has been eagerly pursuing organizational continuous improvement for some 25 years, and has worked with more than 300 companies in manufacturing, service, and public-sector environments. Areas of specialization include Strategy and Planning, Productivity Measurement Platforms, Lead-Supervisor-Manager training and development, Human Resource systems, Employee Engagement methods, and associated tools and techniques.


David McGiverin has 9 plus years experience in manufacturing. He comes from a machine tool and medical equipment background allowing him to be very adaptable to unique situations. David enjoys practicing, implementing and teaching the fundamentals of waste elimination, continuous improvement, quality management, strategic planning and how to engage the total workforce to help companies become more competitive in their market place. He taught with the Godfather of lean and co-founder of the Shingo prize Norman Bodek.


Jim Seufert has spent the last 19 years helping multi-national organizations improve their operational performance by translating strategy into actionable plans, establishing metrics to monitor progress, and implementing continuous improvement programs. He has worked with companies as diverse as Sea-Land Shipping, Weyerhaeuser and Intel, and applies these concepts in his own commercial winery. He has a global perspective and first hand experience from living and working in several European, African and Asian countries.


Amy Hall has worked with many non-profit organizations aiding the work of educational industries and associations. She has had experience in database management, human resources and administration.


Jeni Billups: President, SVZ-USA
Joe Ertman: President, SOJO Foods
Mark Hooper: Quality Systems Director, Birds Eye Foods
Glen Lewis: Energy Advisor, University of California
Dave Mondry: Business Consulting Manager, J.R. Simplot Company
Terry Oftedal: Director of Operations, YoCream International
Todd Peretti: Operations & Logistics V.P. Tech, Basic American Foods
Fred Vetter: V.P. Manufacturing-Advertising Specialty Products, Oregon Freeze Dry
Sergio Dias: Industrial & Agricultural Sectors Manager, NEEA

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